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More Test

Today a CT was done to Azaff, the neurosurgeon ordered an MRI to have more clarity of how much tumor had left and the advance of hydrocephalus.

Even when our son has been evolving favourably there are complications that can be presented if the liquid that continues to cause hydrocephalus to this day is not drained.

Today Dianamed's ambulance came 2 times to take him to Burboa one for CT and the second for MRI.

In the MRI it comes out that there is still hydrocephalus and you can see the part of the tumor that is still in his head, so Tuesday, December 10th he will have another surgery.

Again we have to rent the special equipment: ultrasonic vacuum cleaner and microsurgery equipment.

More days in the hospital, medicine etc etc, we know that our God will continue to supply every need as to this day.

In the midst of this undesirable circumstance for us as parents we have peace, we know that God is in control and that what happens with our son is because so was his perfect plan, He has shown himself to us in a very beautiful way with His peace that has no comparison and has been shown to our son Azaff in a very special way, we are not alone.

I appreciate all your prayers, messages, emails and let us know you are in prayer for our son.

We love you thank you for everything.

Rivera Alvarado family.

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