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Prayer needed for the Rivera Family
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Please keep the Rivera Family in your thoughts and prayers as they are walking out their faith in God through an incredibly difficult time. They recently found out that their oldest son, Azaff (age 9), has a brain tumor that needs immediate surgery. Surgery that is expensive and requires up front payment of $9000. They do not have medical insurance so we are asking for them that you would consider donating towards this urgent need. We at One27 Foundation cannot receive the funds for them so please follow this link to give. If you cannot support financially, we ask that you PRAY and that you would share the link. Their faithfulness to God and La Mision is not unseen and when speaking with Zuri and Miguel about this they just continue to exude faith and a hope that they are in the Lords hands. He has given them peace. 


Praise the Lord! Because of donations from both churches and individuals the Rivera´s were able to raise more than enough to schedule the surgery (Dec. 3). They are eternally grateful. They still have a long road ahead of them so continued prayer that the surgery would go well and Asaff would have a quick recovery.

UPDATE as of 1/15/20

Surgery did not go as hoped, though they did get some of the tumor they were unable to extract it all due to it being more complicated than initially known. Along with that the tumor was sent for tests and as the Dr. feared it is malignant. They are working on treatment plans in Ensenada, Tijana, and possibly San Diego to do what they can to keep the cancer from spreading. We are praying for the Rivera's through this time.

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