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How to Get Involved

Volunteering at our orphanage is a meaningful experience open to various groups and individuals. Church groups, non-church specific visiting groups, and long-term staff members all have opportunities to get involved. All groups have a special chance to work alongside our staff, participating in care-taking and maintenance projects throughout the mission grounds. For those seeking a more extensive commitment, joining as long-term staff allows for direct involvement in daily operations, care, and specialized areas. Whichever role you choose, your dedication will make a positive impact on the lives of the orphans we serve.

Adam Hulstrom
(Visitor Coordinator)

Follow the link above if you are interested in scheduling a short term mission trip with your Church. Groups of all ages and sizes are welcome.


Follow the link above if you are interested in visiting The Mission ether by yourself or with a family group. Anything shorter than two weeks is considered "short term".


Follow the link above if you are looking to become a member of our staff team and step into a longer time commitment. Must be 18 or older to apply.

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