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The Mission has held a special place in our hearts and lives as a family from the very beginning. In 1993 both Drew and I became Christians, after dating for about a year without Christ in our lives. After breaking up and going our separate ways, we both became Christians within a week of each other. Drew, decided to go to Calvary Chapel Bible College and I stayed in Orange County to grow in my faith. In 1995 Drew was graduating from Bible College and I was struggling with him returning to the OC. It was then I heard about The Mission and was planning to go there to get way from the OC and to continue on my journey with Christ.



One night at a bible study Drew showed up, I informed him of my decision. It was then that he said he just came back from a missions trip to The Mission and was moving their in September. Needless to say, I did not follow him there. Drew spent the next two years at The Mission. We kept in touch off and on. I felt like I needed to visit and I arrived to Drew so sick with Hepatitis. I drove him home and shortly returned to take his spot on staff at The Mission. Drew stayed in the OC to recover and eventually moved up to Oregon to help out at a School of Ministry (SOM) at Applegate Christian Fellowship.



During my time at The Mission, I connected with many "Applegaters". After many circumstances, I myself ended up in Applegate. The church decided to have a Women's School of Ministry that I resistantly went through. Drew being a part of the Guys SOM, returned to The Mission for three months and me being a part of the women's SOM, returned to The Mission and it was then that our paths crossed again. The guys SOM left, but little did I know that Drew would return two weeks later to propose to me, after being separated for almost 5 years.



After getting engaged, the Lord called us to marry and move to England in 2001. We lived in England, pastoring a church for 11 years. We had no thought of ever returning to The Mission. When the Lord called us to return to the States, we took our kids to visit The Mission. It was then that we felt the Lord leading us back as a family. In 2013, we moved to The Mission for a year and a half. Living at The Mission with our family renewed our hearts and love for these kids and this amazing place. 


It was here, that the transitional season of The Mission began. We felt a call to return to the states to become advocates for this place and these awesome kids. With Applegate Christian Fellowship stepping back from leading and being the sole financial providers of the Mission, we decided with the present leadership of The Mission to start the ONE27 foundation. We hope to inspire and stir the heart again, in all of those that have passed through The Mission and to invite many more to support and be impacted by this place.


Thank you for taking the time to read our his-tory! 

God is so good and so sovereign! He works perfectly!

Blessings, The Davis Family