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Juan: Twinkies, large maraca, Twinkie anything, large rubber chew toys

Eddie: Cozy blankets, thick socks, stuffed animal pillow,

Angel- large plastic blocks, big beach ball, things that light up and flash

Ponch- playtex sippy cups x3, soft head phones & Ipod, 

Lupe-  craft Items, loves the color green (frogs are her favorite)

Laura- anything princess, coustume jewelery, fun bandanas, Think pink! 

Ema- mailing stamps, yarn, loves purple!

Kiki- Camera, Doll Clothes, favorite color is sky/bright Aqua blue.

Lucy- stationary, gel pens and fine markers, yarn, little chair. 

Ana- stationary, intricate coloring books, gel pens and fine markers, yarn

Sela- rattles, hanging mobile, adult bibs, cozy high slippers adult small

Mari- Salty snacks, Toys that shake & move, Weighted Blanket

Jena- Toys that shake & move, Chalk, Cute Large bibs, Hair ties and bows.

Nilse- Weighted Blanket 

Magali- sensory toys, Weighted Blanket

Books: Randy Alcorn (book about heaven for kids)


We always need: 

  • Sports Bra’s (small Womans)

  • Girls under garments

  • New Twin Sheets

  • Hair Ties, clips, Head Bands

  • Velcro Towel Wraps x6

  • PJ’s

  • New nail polish

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