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Mission Staff Application

The role of a "Staffer" is such a privilege at The Mission. We welcome families and singles (anyone age 18+). We ask that you prayerfully consider coming on staff, there is always a need that you potentially could be the one God is calling to fulfill!  


During your time as a staffer you will experience how stretching and blessing walk hand in hand. There is no greater experience than seeing the joy on these kids faces even by simply cleaning them off after a meal, brushing their hair or even just saying their name. The simple and unconditional love they give back is reward enough when you serve at The Mission.


As part of The Mission family there is fun trips to Ensenada, Bon-fire nights with incredible teams that come through. There is church every Sunday at The Mission, where you will grow deeper in your faith with an awesome community! 

If this all sound like something you would be interested in being a part of, contact the One 27 Foundation at to receive all the necessary forms. 


*Once approved, before entering Tecate you will need to obtain a Tourist Visa. This visa makes you legal to be in Mexico up to 6 months and could cost $23-$30 depending on the exchange rate. Please click the link below to obtain a Visa.

FMM Visa Form


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