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Our Family Bio...


Our journey at the Mission began in 2012.  We had been dating for four years.  We had no ambition or understanding of what our future would look like or how to support a marriage together.  The world was controlling our hearts and minds and our relationship with each other.  We were stuck in a place of confusion and a desire to be more, do more, grow more.  In many ways we were lost.  


The Lord used the Mission to grow Caleb and I individually as well as together.  I spent seven months here without Caleb and he spent four months here without me.  I then returned to the Mission and we spent nine months here together.  In that time away from the distractions of the world we were able to see the Lord working in our lives.  In taking care of the orphans here, we see ourselves in them.  We see how the Lord protects us and provides for us and saves us everyday.  The Mission has shown us what pure love is.  We were broken.  In caring for these orphans and through our relationships with the staff here, the Lord healed our relationship and revealed to us what we desired in a marriage.  We got engaged in January of 2014.


We returned home to Ohio and we got married on August 16, 2014.  The Lord called us back to the Mission in February of 2015.  We are expecting our first baby in November.  This has been a wonderful and exciting few years.  The Lord dragged us out of our despair and filled us with joy.  He grounded our relationship firmly in Him and revealed to us how to live by faith.  We are blessed to be here at the Mission.  This is and will always be a special place to us filled with special people and irreplaceable memories.  These orphans are the Lord’s vessels who ultimately teach us more than we could ever teach them.  Our experiences and relationships here have been an incredible foundation for our marriage and in teaching us how to be parents.


We desire to live by faith always.  We have no doubt that the Lord will provide for us in this season of many changes.  We are excited to see the Lord working in this new season for the Mission and our family.


"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

Matthew 6:33


Thank you all for your prayers and support.  

God Bless,

Shelby Otero