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Please earmark it as:  Vehicle Maintenance 


We love our little oasis in the hills of Baja Mexico! As a lot of you know though, many of our needs are fulfilled far outside of this town, making traveling in our very “well-loved” vehicles a must. Each vehicle here plays it's own part in transporting, whether being our "work horse", "daily driver", or "dump run vehicle". Vehicle maintenance is something that is crucial to the upkeep of our way of life here, but unfortunately it has become bit of a burden.


  • The priority is our "work horse" the 1998 Ford Econoline 15 passenger diesel van. we are unsure of the specifics, but it will require potentially extensive engine work. the A.C. also needs to be serviced on it and it needs new tires as well. Rough guess: $3000-5000


  • The 1998 Ford Econoline gas van just got new tires and oil change. Is soon to get bushings replaced as well as bearing and grease servicing. We are so grateful to say all of that will be done with money already raised!!

  • The '97 Ford F250 will need a tune up/oil change, but that will have to be done by a visiting mechanic since it's not registered and is only used for local chores (i.e. dump runs).

  • The '08 Ford Ranger is in the best condition and may only need an oil change and check up!

We are hoping with this campaign we will be able to fundraise enough to get all of our vehicles in good functioning order. If it is on your heart to give for this fundraiser Click the donate link on the top of this page. Thank you!!

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