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Sponsor a Gallon

In the 30 years that Mission has been established, we have not had our own well. There have many days and weeks that we have gone without water due to the little water we get.

The way it works in Mexico:

To get water you must buy "water rights". As of today we own the water rights to 5000 cubic meters (1,320,860 gallons) per year. This water is pulled from a farmers well down the road from the Mission and stored in a pila and pumped in daily. It is rare that people actually sell water rights in the Ejido of Carmen Serdan.


We have been offered to buy another 10,000 water rights, at a very low cost of $2.50 a Cubic Meter. So for fun sake we thought we'd do a 3000 for $30... which means we get 3000 gallons for every $30 donation...


There are seasons that we run out of water for days and sometimes weeks! Please consider donating, because your one time gift of $30 buys this water for life!

The Cost: $25,000.00

$3500 is paid so far...  We still need $21,500

Please click on the link below to donate towards this cause. In the memo area please be sure to write "Water rights"

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