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-Saw blades

-Disposable plates, cups, & utensils 

-Twin and queen sheet sets

-Printer for medical center

-Ceiling fans (x15)

-Functioning adjustable hospital bed 

-Packs of underpads

-Mini blinds

-Box and standing fans

-Batteries (AA & AAA)


-Cleaning spray bottles

-Plug in air fresheners

-New up to date worship CD's

Mission Staff Wish List

(All listed below were specific desires expressed by the staff at La Misión)

  • Water flavoring or Gatorade powder

  • Soda pop

  • Good coffee

  • Liquid coffee creamers (french vanilla or hazelnut)

  • Honey

  • Milk (not powder)

  • Cereal

  • Nuts

  • Almond milk

  • Junk food and candy 

  • Gluten free snacks​

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