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The Mission welcomes teams. There are dorms to house as many as 40 people. The "Banos" have 3 showers each and are very clean. You can even flush the toilet paper! The water at The Mission water is also clean and drinkable and the food is very yummy! Whether you are working with the kids or doing projects, this place will have a lasting effect on you. You will be blessed, as you bless others!


*Check out our Teams page for more info...


This is the first time that The Mission staff are on support. It has been a blessing in the past to have had their financial needs taken care of. Please pray about a one time or monthly donation to help support your friends and family serving on the mission field.


*Check out our Staff page for more info...


The Mission Staff consists of 5-6 married families and "Single Staffers" mainly from the States. They currently have five locals on staff, which is a new development. The level of care and support these kids need is vast. We are always in need of those willing to set aside a season in their life to work at The Mission with a servant's heart and the mind of Christ.


*If you have any special degrees like Nursing, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapist, we can always use your specialties! 


Help us, Help them... As the ONE27 team, we too are doing this by faith. We are trusting in the Lords provision as we daily run the administrative task in front of us. From payroll, to raising support for the Mission Kids and staff. From facilitating Mission trips, new staff, and keeping the finacial records with a high level of integrity and accountabilty.


We can't do this alone.

With many hands come light work!

Every bit helps...

Clicking the hand below will direct you to our Paypal page. Here is where you can donate and designate where you desire your donations to go.



If you just want to visit The Mission on your own or with your family, contact The Mission 

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