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!4 Days After Surgery

14 days ago from the second surgery which was very risky. He seized by taking him to intensive therapy and he didn't wake up, those two things had the two neurosurgeons who performed the surgery.

They removed the whole tumor but the root couldn't be extracted or could have brain dead.

In those hours of waiting, we had peace, many days before we had released our son into the hands of the One who could do something in favor of our son. In our prayer we asked that whatever happened our son did not suffer.

In the wait Miguel and I spoke and he told me that when they told us that Azaff did not wake up he made a prayer and told God that if he was going to take him, that was the perfect time because our son had no pain, but that If I woke up it was because he decided to let him live and do a complete miracle and if he would live with any impediment give us the grace to help our son.

I can explain how I felt in those moments, those who know me know that I am very sensitive and more about our children and my Conchita. But I wasn't worried, I had peace and I won't get tired of saying it was His peace that surpassed all understanding, circumstance and everything, I didn't know the end but I knew it would be okay.

At the hours the doctor arrived to tell us that our son had finally woke up, who had them worried, I hugged the doctor of joy, Miguel and I hugged and gave thanks to dad for what he was doing, for leaving us our son with us, it was the best birthday present I've ever had.

On December 24th we received the pathology results from Mexico City.

Diagnosis and degree has been different and less aggressive every time;

1. Meduloblastoma.

2. Ependimoma.

3. Astrocytoma Anaplassic.

And the last one:

4. Xanthroastrocytoma of the IV ventricle.

Tomorrow we will have the letter with the diagnosis and the whole process that has been carried out to this day to send it to St. Jude, they decide if they accept us, if so, they will tell us the steps to follow, so that Azaff gets the right treatment as soon as possible.

We infinitely thank all your prayers, empathy, love, and all kinds of help you have given us: financial, food, personal items etc etc, etc, towards our family on this adventure.

We appreciate the support and understanding of our family of "The Mission for Children".

We appreciate, all your unconditional support at all times.

We appreciate you continuing to pray for Azaff and our family.

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