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Where we are at today...

Hi beautiful family and friends.

Today is 16 weeks and 5 days after the first surgery on December 4 2019.

Our last appointment with the pediatrician oncologist was February 7, 2020. We have all our paper work ready to go to received a treatment radiation in Mexicali or chemotherapy in Tijuana or meaby a third surgery in San Diego....

My last call to the pediatric oncologist was today and it is the same answer, "we dont have an answer jet"

we are just waiting for an answer from Radys children's hospital to start with treatment. Keep waiting and trusting our amazing God.

In Mexico the medical attention for patients with cancer it's taking longer because of the very poor resource that the hospitals have and its was before all the actual situation with the Covid-19.

The last time we where at the hospital moms and kids where wearing shirts with the label "my kid want to live" I didn't know why at the moment until later that day, it was because the hospital stop all treatments because of the low resources.

We are living in our house in San Antonio de las minas just about 20 minutes from Ensenada, close to the hospital, we where in quarantine before all the actual quarantine just enjoying our kids and all the time just for our family like never before and I love it.

We know that God has a beautiful purpose in the midst of all the changes and situations we are going trough right now. We know that our kids are wonderful creatures with a precious purpose for He's glory.

Azaff it's not the same kid, he give thanks to God every day for the opportunity he has to be alive, "the beautiful opportunity of seeing your face every day mami".

He is not wearing a patch on his eye anymore, still its not able to see perfect but he is trying to do hes best without a patch like the neurosurgeon tell him.

Doesn't have balance 100 % but that doesn't stop him.

He is a happy kid, that love life and thank God for every day, every opportunity.

We do homeschool, he take double of the time than before but he keep trying, hes hands tremble when it gets tired. Had headache some times. And get tired so easy.

He keep taking meds for seizures and for the brain Nucleo CMP Forte. He is not taking Dexamethasone anymore.

We keep trusting, keep waiting on the lord, we belong to Him, we have a beautiful peace that came just from Him, He has a beautiful plan and its perfect, better that mine.

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