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The Journey Continues

On Monday, January 6, we finally received response from St Jude tell us that they treat type 3 or more aggressive tumors, I confirm that they will not be able to receive us to give treatment to Azaff at his clinic in San Diego as the Xanthroastrocytoma from IV ventricle is type 2. But they could help us in some hospital that they advise and follow up.

On the same day Miguel was referred to the general hospital of Tijuana to the department of (SOP) Pediatric Oncology Service, it is one of the hospitals that have guided by St. Judes in the treatment of type 2. cancer patients

So Azaff will receive treatment in three places, Tijuana, Mexicali and San Diego depending on the study or treatment you should receive at some stage of this adventure. Right now we are in Ensenada in Burboa radiologists, they are performing 4 MRI to Azaff. SOP doctor says the type of tumor that was removed and because it was not possible to remove the 100 % "scattered seed" to different parts of the body, so you want to rule out that possibility to start specific treatment. In previous years popular insurance covered treatment expenses, starting January 1th of this year there is no longer popular insurance, so some treatment things are covered by SOP hospital and all the others we will have to cover them. I infinitely thank everyone for the support you have given us to this day in prayer, financially and any kind. In a talk we were told that we must be aware that our life had changed, and that at least a year would be of many hospital visits for treatments, studies, plus that we must be close to the hospital. For that reason we will be at our house in San Antonio de las mines, Tijuana, Mexicali, San Diego and as needed. So much has happened and here I have shared some, thank you for being with us on this adventure. It is amazing how "life" can change in an instant, it is amazing to realize that in the midst of all God is with us taking us from his peace in such a beautiful way, it is amazing to realize how the enemy wants to steal that peace, for all the media, but we know in whom we have believed, is not in vain our faith, we know and know our God, he is more powerful than any tumor, person, circumstance, need and everything, he is our Amparo, soon help and strength, The fight for us, is amazing also as we see His promises come true, He has pledged every need, I infinitely thank all people for their love, empathy and all their support. Thank you for everything, thank you for loving us, thank you for your prayers thank you thank you thank you. We love you

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