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Still Waiting

We continue in Ensenada, Friday we had an appointment in Tijuana at the COP (Pediatric oncological Center), where Azaff had a review, at this time Miguel returned to carry the laminillas of the pathology lab of Ensenada, they will analyze it to corroborate the diagnosis .....

When I arrived at that place I realized that it's very different from any hospital I've visited before, all kind, everyone attentive to what happens around them, I didn't look at anyone on their cell phone, maybe there were, I saw them, i think families that have been touched by cancer in any form, have learned the importance of time, of the moment.

In the center of the hall there is a beautiful sculpture, a tree, "El boy tree" I was touched by the writing, here I share them.

We are still waiting for answers, rest on His promises.

Every day he keeps recovering, this week only one day he had a headache, still has no control of his left eye, that's why he must use the patch, we must change the eye patch several times a day to exercise his mobility. Only one day has endured 5 hours without a patch but loses balance, it affects the light etc.

Even with the patch he has no total balance of his body, walk alone to the bathroom or living room but we are always there to take care of it.

He gets tired faster, but his beautiful spirit gives me encouragement every time, he is a strong child, who has learned to trust God, has witnessed His power countless times. Thank you every day that you can sing, that you have control of your hands to draw and do the school, that you can walk, which you can see, thanks every day to breathe and be with your family, thank God with all your heart for the mission kids and staff.

God has been good, faithful, good Father.

We appreciate all your support in prayer and all your financial support is our prayer that God gives you much more than you have sown in our family.

We thank one27foundation for all your support to our family, we love you.

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