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6 Days Post

6 days ago from our Azaff's second surgery, he's still in recovery every day.

It's been very long days and nights but he is always happy and grateful to be where he can see us and be around his family.

Antier's day was very sleepy with fever, the pediatrician asked us to make her blood and urine laboratories, urine and blood samples were taken without the need to move my Azaff from her bed.

I thank God for the life of my husband Miguel and Aunt Alma who have been at all times for medical things in "home", what a blessing to have them in our life. Urinary tract infection found, antibiotic added.

Yesterday he was much better, more awake, without a fever, fell asleep at 7 pm and woke up almost 2 hours later, apparently a sudden movement when he woke up caused him a lot of pain in his head.

Neurosurgeon and pediatrician was contacted, his pain medicine increased, gradually the pain decreased but nausea came causing vomiting.

I ask you with all my heart to keep our son in your prayers, God hears us, we know he is present in this situation, we know he has a plan and is perfect, we have His precious peace, we feel His presence and see his hand to each went from this stage we are going through.

I infinitely thank all those who have supported us in every possible way: prayers, financially, food, company, blood donation etc. I wish that God will give you back in great way everything you have sown in our family.

I thank God for the family and friends that has been with us at all times, it's been beautiful to have all your support.

I thank my beautiful in-laws Miguel and Linda for their support in every moment, every day, thank you for being with us and for all your help as always, I love you.

We will continue in Ensenada for 15 more days, we need to be close to the hospital, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies, etc, for any situation like yesterday.

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