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God is Faithful, Regardless!

I want to thank each and every one of you for the great support, in prayer and financially for the surgery of our precious son Azaff.

Thank you to all who have communicated by different means with us to encourage us and remind us that we are not alone, thank you very much, it is beautiful to see the great family with which God has blessed us and know your support in prayer comforts us, he listens to us .....

On November 25th, neurosurgeon Eligio Manzano gave us the diagnosis of our son: Meduloblastoma with Hydrocephaly, it's something you never want to hear, that your child is sick, which is risky and we must be ready for everything.

We want you to know that my precious husband Miguel and I are calm, we have a peace that I personally had never experienced this way in my life, those who know me know that I always care about everything, and many times I have needed to see to believe, but God has blessed me so much through my husband (who is not only handsome) he grew up with the beautiful example of my in-laws Miguel and Linda, grew up in a home where faith was genuine, a faith that as pastor Jon says Courson "a faith that does not manipulate", they have beautiful testimonies of God's care, provision etc in their lives.

In the 11 years we have married we have gone through tests, deserts, very difficult, at first everything affected me so much that I could not easily leave the situation in God's hands, as if I could help him.

He has shown himself as a father, refuge, friend, provided in an incredible way and with whom we least thought, has miraculously healed literally every member of my family: to my precious Abdiel of pneumonia at 12 days of born, my Conchita of tuberculosis 2 times my tuberculosis husband, 2 knee surgeries and 1 back.

Today I can say with all humility that I can experience The Peace of God, we are doing everything that the doctor tells us and we will continue to do so, but our beloved son Azaff is in His hands, he can do a miracle and heal him completely if you want , but if not, let us rest knowing that His purposes are eternal, that He has a plan in this situation and is perfect.

After surgery, the tumor will be analyzed, and it will proceed according to the result.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and family in Christ we have with us the donations that have deposited to us, which is a part of the total we need, we are waiting for promises that have made us that when receiving them we will have to pay the total surgery .....

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