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Brain Tumor?

Hello family and friends, I wasn't sure whether to write this message or not, but I will never get tired of saying that we know first hand the power of prayer and today we need prayers in favor of our 9 year old son Azaff.

Asaff had a headache, which had happened before but never to the degree of crying... My children do not complain or cry about anything, so I knew it was not normal, the next day he did not coordinate well, vision Double, walked sideways, we talked with a specialist who told us that maybe it could just be inflammation of a cranial nerve, but not to rule out other possible causes.

Today they performed an MRI, they sent the results to the neurosurgeon and asked us to go to his office at the time...

our precious son Azaff has a tumor in his brain that caused him hydrocephalus, today they start treatment to help reduce pain, must be at rest, this consent, speaks, walks, jokes, looks like nothing when he has no pain, the is confident in God, he has seen how God always fights for us.

They must perform surgery as soon as possible, to avoid other damage, the cost is very great for us but not for our God in whom we fully trust, we have His peace, we are calm in the midst of this situation, we know that he will provide For all expenses that come, He is our health insurance, we know that He is in control of all things, everything is in His hands.

I thank all your prayers in our favor, he listens to us, he has a plan and is perfect.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Every one give as he proposed in his heart: not with sorrow, nor by necessity, for God loves the cheerful giver

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