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Our New Normal...

1. Saturday November 23th appointment with strabologist in Tijuana for double vision, headache.

He tells us not to rule out the possibility of tumor, I prescribe pain medicine and vitamin B, if it remained the same or worse we will perform an MRI.

2. Monday 25 Nov, MRI was held in Burboa radiologists Ensenada, the need to apply gadolinium to create contrast and have better visibility and perform advanced sequences (better image)

3. That same day we had the appointment with the Neurosurgeon where he informed us of the tumor and hydrocephalus and the need for surgery as soon as possible and gave us the diagnosis: Meduloblastoma with hydrocephalus. We knew the total cost of surgery and here I make my first post letting you know the situation and asking for your support.

4. Wednesday 27th in the afternoon we had promises almost everything for surgery. Here I made my second post with Azaff's photo giving thanks. Seeing the response of family and friends was very shocking, people who had visited our ministry or who had heard from us communicated to encourage us, letting us know their support in prayer and financial. Friends shared my post asking for support, others neither communicated, nor do we know them but felt in their heart support us and they did.

4. Thursday 28 in the morning we had with us for surgery and a little more!!! God is faithful!!

5. We could continue! this same day Azaff was performed pre-op laboratories.

6. Friday 29th Pediatrician appointment for results review and pre-op checkup.

A mild infection was detected and ordered another test to verify before starting treatment.

7. Saturday 30 It started with antibiotic once the second test confirmed the infection.

The neurosurgeon was informed who decided to postpone surgery one more day to give up the infection.

8. TODAY Monday December 2th the neurosurgeon gave us exact date and time of surgery.

He also told us that we should cut a hair rectangle on his neck where surgery will be performed.

The neurosurgeon tells us he needs to rent another equipment more effectively and higher cost. Here I thank once again to all those who even knowing that we had the total cost of surgery decided to bless us with something extra for cases like this, thank you very much for all your support right now in prayer and financially, it is our prayer God bless you tremendously and return everything they have sown in our family.

8. Tomorrow Tuesday December 3th at 6 p.m. We will internate Azaff at Velmar Hospital where he will have a visit from the anesthesiologist, pediatrician and Neurosurgeon this day.

9. On Wednesday December 4th at 7 am our son Azaff will be performing surgery to extract the tumor and drain the liquid that causes hydrocephalus, the doctor says it will take about 5 hours .....

Thank you, thank you all for your prayers, prayer is powerful, he listens to us, we have seen His power countless times this will not be the exception no matter the end.

We have His peace in the midst of this circumstance.

Rivera Alvarado family

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