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Surgery #2

Yesterday we were able to stop by to see Azaff in intensive care, although this surgery was higher risk than the first one, it looked much better.

I am always shocked by his strength and beautiful spirit to face this difficult situation. He wanted to sing when he could barely speak "because God is so good" those were his words. He told me the greatest gift was singing with me and on my birthday so we sang two of his favorite songs " I BELIEO " by Abraham Velázquez and " IN MOMENTS LIKE THIS ".

Today a CT was done to our beautiful, Dianamed ambulance moved him to Burboa for a CT scan, he's back at Velmar hospital and out of intensive care!!!

She's conscious, speaking, can move her hands, feet and isn't as inflamed as when she came out of the first surgery.

We appreciate your prayers for your speedy recovery.

We thank all the people who were willing to donate blood even when it wasn't possible.

I thank God for the beautiful family we have of blood and in Christ.

I thank God for the life of my husband who is the best at everything he does, I am so proud of you my skinny beautiful.

I thank goodbye for the life of my son Abdielito precious, who has had a beautiful attitude in the midst of this whole situation, for his words of encouragement and reminds me that everything is better if we always trust God, thank you my precious for always saying " Let's pray ".

Thank you to everyone who has given us their support of any kind, prayers, company, finances, coffee, bread, food, cards, videos and all your love, we love you.

Thank you all for your beautiful birthday messages love you.

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