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The Hair Cut

Today they cut Azaff's hair for surgery, he was thankful they didn't cut everything so he could donate his hair as is his wish.

My skinny, my Abdielito, Tata Miguel, Nana Linda, Lili and I pray for my Saffito before he will be admitted to the hospital, we sing together and Azaff told us a beautiful dream where in the end a voice from heaven said to him, " ➤ themes ni dismayed because the Lord your God will be with you wherever your fences " it is beautiful to hear his faith in our God because he has seen His power, the peace he has is beautiful and inspires us, at his young age minister our lives in a very special way.

We are already in his hospital room, God is faithful, our Azaff is happy because he is already having surgery tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for your support in prayer, financial support, messages, calls.

We have peace, we know God is in control.

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