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Time for Surgery

After about 7 hour of surgery he finally was taken to ICU, the neurosurgeon told us that it was a very complicated surgery, Azaff bleed a lot and they found that extracting the tumor was a lot harder than originally thought, because of that they couldn't remove the totality of the tumor, it was a good thing that we rent the very special equipment for the surgery with out it it would have been practically impossible to do the surgery.

Azaff is stable but really tiered and weak please keep praying for him. He is going to need labs done to see if he needs a blood transfusion and another MRI to see if the hidrocefaly is completely gone and how much of the tumor is left. The pathology results will be ready on Monday but will call us if they are ready before that. As you can imagine those are not the results we were looking for but we continue to trust on the Lord knowing that He is perfect as well as His plans, we choose to believe in Him even when we don't understand what he is doing we know is for the good because we and specially Azaff love Him. Please continue to lift us in your prayers we really appreciate it.

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